about us

Company History


RE HANG was founded in 1978 to design and manafacture high quality dinning tools. The headquarter is based in Taiwan. We export to markets in America, Europe, Japan, South Africa as well as New Zeanland and Australia. By using the international standard of 18.0-18.8 stainless steel plated with 21 or 24k gold is just a way of showing RH's commitment of producing perfect dinning tools.

RE HANG welcome any OEM/ODM desing, and with the rising market demand, RH has expanded its operation into South-East Asia, to increases its production capacity.

In 1997, a manafacturing plant is established in Vietnam, to enhance its production and quality management. We believe with its low custome charges and taxation benefits, RH products are offered with most compeitive prices. Nevertheless, customers would have options of having FOB Taiwan and FOB Vietnam, to maximises their benefits.